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We at Pathway Caribbean, seek to exploit the market potential of the Islands as well as not losing sight of business opportunities in Africa.

The Caribbean is enjoying its longest and most sustained period of economic development and expansion since it gained independence.

Economic growth in the way of trade with other governments is needed in the islands. Income has to grow, and more jobs created in order to give the people of the Caribbean confidence for the future in the light of the world economic state.

The economic sunshine has encouraged some commercial and private investment in the region. Much more is needed to keep in line with other developing regions.

In our view this shows a growing demand for value for business money products and services. By implication, affordable accommodation in the Caribbean, in order to sustain, maintain and keep a very talented work force.

We have potential investors showing growing interest in the region. We are already in negotiation for solid contracts with resident businessmen and women. We'd love you to join us and see what the Caribbean can do for you.

Open for Caribbean Business

Pathway Caribbean says that in order to compete "we must create a new enterprise culture in the Caribbean. Master use of information and technology; the use of new designs; research & development. And use all the effective techniques of business development appropriate to this new information age.. "

Connecting European Business

As part of our ongoing International activities, Pathway Caribbean is working with companies in Europe as we are developing our Finland, Germany and France markets. Plus we are developing strong links through our associate Firedwick Chambers as we are now connected to the Georgia Micro Finance group.

At this stage, we're simply looking to discover where those opportunities and connections are via our association with the groups, including The Genesis Initiative.

As we increase our International activity, we will be looking to help businesses make the most of existing and new markets - in the meantime, we are looking at future opportunities in the Commonwealth.

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