Welcome to Pathway Caribbean

Andrew Scantlebury

Andrew Scantlebury is the Managing Director of Pathway Caribbean. He is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the company and in sourcing potential markets as well as ensuring the effectiveness of the supply chain.

He founded the company in 1996 and has an established career serving the political and social aspirations of the African-Caribbean business community. Andrew continues to contribute toward the advancement of young enterprises and growing companies.

What We Do

Our Services and Advice ensure that companies, organisations and individuals most keen to trade between the United Kingdom, Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas can do so, safe in the knowledge that the arrangements, contacts made and the chosen routes to market will be of the highest calibre; and as a result, commercially astute and financially sound.…

Pathway Caribbean as a Consultancy also provides these services to companies and individuals:

  • Business support to micro and SMEs;
  • Project and organisational development and management for public, private and the voluntary sectors;
  • Diversity and equality consultancy;
  • Market research;
  • International trade consultancy.

How do we do this…
By the very nature of our work and our business, the protocols of ‘by invitation only’ are of paramount importance, especially as the very contacts we maintain demand business, professional and personal privacy.

And as discreet suppliers of the business intelligence commercial information sector we frequently help negotiate with a range of agents who understand how best to act as facilitators on projects in need of joint-venture investment.

Increasingly, we are being asked to lead delegations in respect of trade opportunities as well as in the provision of in-depth Reports and Papers for marketing, intelligence gathering and investment propositions.

It is from this insider perspective that Pathway Caribbean is able to provide the services that are needed to facilitate International Business, backed by years of experience and the right personnel.

Company Details

Registered Company No. 3202612

Registered Office: Pathway Caribbean Ltd
238a Kingston Road
New Malden, Surrey